Our comprehensive background in medical publishing business development has allowed us to recognize gaps in what high level, ambitious marketing teams at pharma and biotech companies want to accomplish vs. what solutions publishers could offer. Integrated Medical Communications bridges that gap as our familiarity of this market is unparalleled.


Pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech companies have trusted and been beneficiaries of our ability to cultivate strong medical publishing relationships while developing cost-effective, strategic sales and marketing solutions. We listen to your strategic imperatives, create an integrated plan tailored to your needs and put that plan to work.


Joe Palumbo is the former Chief Operating Officer and partner of Digital Science Press, Inc., joining the leadership team in January 2016. During my tenure at DSP I co-founded the journal Everyday Urology - Oncology Insights and GUOncToday. I've spent my career focusing on serving my client's educational and promotional needs.


Meeting the unmet needs of physicians by offering quality content and resources in specific subsets of oncologic diseases rather than all conditions in the oncology sphere. New product approvals, conference highlights, incidence, disease presentation, clinical diagnosis, latest developments, new and emerging treatment options, and racial disparities are some of the physician led content being delivered, free of charge, in both print and digital formats.

GU Oncology Now

GU Oncology Now provides practical, timely, and relevant clinical information to practicing physicians treating genitourinary cancer within the United States. GU Oncology Now focuses on controversial topics and breaking news through expert analysis and key opinion leader interviews that offer in-depth viewpoints on clinical practice treatment.

Our vision is to create a high-quality, credible publication that is relevant, challenging, and thought provoking.

Urban Health Today

Urban Health Today is the leading independent news source that provides the urban healthcare professional with relevant clinical news and policy developments that directly impact the urban healthcare provider and their patients. Urban Health Today’s coverage focuses on clinical, social, and environmental health disparities.

Our mission is to bring awareness to emerging research and public health initiatives. Urban Health Today also provides commentary regarding these disparities and how our healthcare system can better address them.

We adhere to policies of fact verification and disclosures of interest by sources quoted in our articles. We encourage a lively forum of perspectives and opinions from our unique and diverse online communities. Information on this site aims to complement and not replace the information contained in our leading scientific journals.

Blood Cancers Today

Blood Cancers Today is a new publication that provides hematologists and oncologists with news, education, and information relevant to their patients and practices, with insight from experts in the field. As the online home of the publication, bloodcancerstoday.com is updated daily, with the most current information from around the specialty and multimedia content, including exclusive interviews with presenters at major medical meetings.

Blood Cancers Today was developed to reach all professionals in the hematology/oncology universe, covering the latest news and analysis in leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, myeloproliferative neoplasms, and other hematologic malignancies.

The publication is produced in partnership with the Society of Hematologic Oncology, whose mission is to expedite worldwide research and exchange through the exchange of scientific information. Through this partnership, Blood Cancers Today is positioned to bring readers news, education, and cutting-edge research from the world of hematologic malignancies to better care for their patients with these disorders.